viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013


RELIGION AND CYBERPUNK This research considers that cyberpunk human being needs to be analyzed from the point of view of the importance of the balance between spirituality, rationality and corporality for building a society where institutions can fortify hope, respect, compromise, beliefs, tradition, love and dreams. From this perspective, it is important to understand that the human being has an important role that technology will not be able to replace, and that it is necessary to build a society that works for solutions and participation rather than for destruction and war. It contributes to the understanding of a real culture that proposes an option for the future and, for many cyberpunks, a reality in the present. This new culture reflects the relationship between machine and human being, the privatization of space, the destruction of cities, and the manifestation of dark, destructive, problematic, and pragmatic expressions of an aesthetic that fuses surrealism, science fiction, manga, anime, etc. in order to pose questions about the present, society, the future, and technology.

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